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Who We Are

Prizma is an independent environmental, social and sustainability advisory practice. Our seasoned team members gained their experience working in and with development banks, their clients, and branded consultants. Do we have the expertise you need?

Mehrdad Nazari, Director

ESIA, E&S DD, ESG & Sustainability Advisor

Dr. Denes Bulkai

Senior Environmental & Social Expert

Peter Easton

Water Risk & Sustainability Advisor

Petrus Gildenhuys

Sustainability Reporting & Assurance Practitioner

Dr. Bill Kennedy

ESIA & Sustainability Advisor

Cristóbal Juliá Durand

Senior Environmental Consultant

Randy Schulze

Senior Environmental Advisor

Molly Schultz

Graphic Design

Edward Kellow

Facilitator & Trainer

Chris Routh

Senior Ornithologist & Environmental Scientist

Dr. Lutz Blank

Senior E&S Advisor & Associate