ESG, Sustainability Reporting & Assurance

We assist organizations with:

  • ESG Analysis and Improvement Scoring
  • Materiality Assessment
  • CSR and Sustainability Benchmarking
  • Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting
  • Independent Third Party Assurance (AA1000AS)
  • Independent Monitoring Group

Selected clients and projects include the following:

Prizma has been supporting responsible Private Equity Funds, Developers and Investors by conducting ESG reviews, identifying low-hanging fruits, and improving ESG policies, systems, performance, disclosure, engagement and scoring.

Prizma has been assisting a variety of junior and mid-tier mining companies with their sustainability reporting efforts (see here), and facilitated a stakeholder review panel on behalf of the World Bank in support of its corporate responsibility reporting (see here).


Prizma has been engaged by Lundin Mining Corp., with operating assets in Europe, North America and South America, to undertake an independent assurance of selected data in its sustainability reports (2014, 2015) in accordance with assurance standard AA1000AS (see here).

Candelaria Community Open House

Prizma is part of GRI’s Gold Community and an AccountAbility Licensed Assurance Provider for the AA1000 Assurance Standard. Prizma’s experience in sustainability reporting services for the mining sector can be accessed here.

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