IFC Performance Standards & Equator Principles

We assist project developers and their advisors seeking finance from Multilateral Banks, Development Financial Institutions, Export Credit Agencies, Equator Banks and Private Equity. We also support providers of sustainable finance to ensure that their investments can meet benchmark-setting environmental and social standards.

Our role typically involves due diligence and monitoring, including as part of teams serving as Independent Engineers and Independent Monitoring Groups, reviewing and augmenting impact assessments and related management plans in order to make them bankable. This means that we help align projects with the IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles. We also assist developers and investors during the project implementation stages, including through  capacity building and training.

Selected project examples ranging from gold mining to wind farming are listed below:

Construction UEP1

Prizma supported Goldwind and InterEnergy Holdings to align the phased Penonomé Wind Project in Panama, including the 215MW Laudato Si wind park, which is the largest wind development in Central America, with the IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles. This supported the mobilization of over $370 million in funding by Equator Banks and IFC (see also here).

IEH Training

Prizma has developed and delivered training courses focused on IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles and delivered these to financial institutions, branded consultants and others in Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Norway, Panama, Peru, and the UK (see also here).

Women focus group Burkina Faso