Ms. Karen Nash, Environmental & Social Performance Specialist

Karen Nash (MA MPhil MCIEEM FRGS) has over 25 years of international research and consultancy experience in environmental and social impact management and training. Recent projects include ESG & ESIA specialist, planning, analysis and review of ESG strategy, systems and ESIA processes (Kenya oil company); Social specialist: review of ESIA reports, Environmental and Social management procedures and processes (Guinea gold mine development due diligence);  Environmental specialist: gap analysis, additional social baseline studies and stakeholder engagement to meet international standards, and preparation of ESM strategy and plans (Guinea bauxite development); CSR specialist: government-level review of CSR and social investment strategy and processes (Thailand gold mine); Human Rights policy development (DRC). Karen is proficient in English and French, has working knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish, and holds postgraduate qualifications in conservation biology and anthropology, law, environmental economics, teaching and sustainability. Karen’s degrees include MPhil in Conservation Biology, Department of Anthropology, University of Kent UK, and an MA Natural Sciences, Cambridge University UK. Karen is also a co-Director of MDS Mining and Environmental Services, based in the UK.