Training & Capacity Building

Prizma is keen to provide training and capacity building to further enable its clients to achieve superior environmental, social and sustainability performance and outcomes. Examples highlighted below range from assisting a private equity fund to develop its environmental and social management system, to proving training to Nordic financial institutions and export credit agencies.

As part of the Clinton Global Initiative’s programs, InterEnergy Holdings, a Prizma client which owns and operates power generation and distribution assets, and fuel distribution and logistics businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean, committed to invest $100 million in large-scale wind farms and other renewable energy projects in its region. Prizma was engaged to support InterEnergy with environmental and social aspects of its emerging investment in the Penonomé Wind Development in Panama, which soon attracted $300 million in investment by the IFC and other investors.

Subsequently, Prizma also assisted InterEnergy with its capacity building objectives. This included the development of the company’s environmental and social management system, and delivering a tailored 2-day training course in Santa Domingo to representatives from several of InterEnergy’s portfolio companies.

Prizma has also delivered numerous other ‘in house’ and open courses around the world. A prominent example includes a competitively awarded 1-day course focused on the application of the Equator Principles (EP3) and IFC Performance Standards to about 40 representatives from DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group, and Export Credit Norway and GIEK, which are Norway’s export finance and guarantee agencies. This tailored course followed on the heels of Prizma’s open short courses hosted by Parsons Brinkerhoff  in London, and TD Bank in Toronto.

Prizma has also provided training to community relations officers of mining companies, and delivered GRI-certified training courses across Canada and the USA.

Photo credit: InterEnergy, Prizma