Selected case studies highlighting our experiences

Who We Are

Prizma is a niche environmental, social and sustainability advisory practice. We support responsible developers and investors around the world. Prizma’s clients value our experience serving in and working with multilateral financial institutions (and their standards), clients, and projects in emerging markets. This experience allows us to de-bottleneck ESG issues more quickly, which speeds up financing. Prizma conducts due diligence reviews, makes impact assessments bankable, generates sustainability reports, and provides assurance and verification services. Prizma also provides experts for IESC, IE and IMG reviews, and for cases before independent recourse mechanisms, and international arbitration tribunals.

Mehrdad Nazari, Director

ESIA, E&S DD, ESG & Sustainability Advisor

Denes Bulkai, PhD

Senior Environmental & Social Expert

Peter Easton

Water Risk & Sustainability Advisor

Petrus Gildenhuys

Sustainability Reporting & Assurance Practitioner

Dr. Don Proebstel

Environmental, Social and Renewable Energy Advisor

Cristóbal Juliá Durand

Senior Environmental Consultant

Randy Schulze

Senior Environmental Advisor

Karen Nash

Environmental & Social Performance Specialist

Zoë Parr Kennaugh

Senior Social Advisor

Chris Routh

Senior Ornithologist & Environmental Scientist

Dr. Lutz Blank

Senior E&S Advisor & Associate

Luisa Montes

Environmental Economist

Daniel Marsh

Senior E&S Advisor


Our clients range from developers to development banks. In line with our clients' preferences, we work with them directly, with their subsidiaries, and/or as subcontractors. In all cases, we apply ourselves with integrity and provide advice consistent with good international practice.