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Developers & Investors


Prizma’s clients typically include private sector developers, their advisors and investors seeking to secure timely financing from Multilateral/Development Financial Institutions, Export Credit Agencies, Equator Principles Financial Intuitions (Equator Banks), or Private Equity Funds. Please contact us to discuss your needs and if Prizma’s team is the right fit.

Consultants & Independent Engineers


Prizma strengthens developers’ ESIA, conducts E&S due diligence reviews, serves on  Independent Engineers (IE)/Independent Monitoring Group (IMG) representing lenders and investors to ensure projects are developed and delivered in conformance with benchmarks such as IFC Performance Standards, the Equator Principles, and Good International Industry Practice (GIIP).

Sustainability Reporters (GRI, SDG, UNGC, COP)


Prizma’s experienced GRI-certified practitioners and AccountAbility-licensed assurance providers assist organizations with their stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, benchmarking, sustainability reporting, assurance and non-financial disclosure needs.  

Team Members


Are you a seasoned and self-motivated E&S specialist with over 10 years of experience working with responsible developers and operators, and with Development Finance Institutions, Equator Banks or Private Equity Funds? We would like to hear from you and explore collaboration opportunities.



Mehrdad Nazari, Director | E-mail: [email protected] (preferred) | LinkedIn | +1-715-551 4395 (US Central Time).