What We Do

We assist developers and investors to make their projects, operations and portfolios more bankable, credible and sustainable. We benchmark and align projects, operations and management systems with good international industry practice (GIIP), which facilitates mobilizing financing from responsible investors. Our team members are experienced in conducting fast turn-around environment and social due diligence reviews, and represent lenders and investors on teams acting as Independent Engineers (IE) and Independent Monitoring Groups (IMG). Download Prizma’s short brochure here.

Our bespoke advisory services, which are delivered by partner-level practitioners (no ‘bait & switch’ of committed CVs between proposal and delivery) can be categorized under three broad headings and are illustrated with a few examples below.

IFC Performance Standards & Equator Principles


  • Prizma supported Goldwind and InterEnergy Holdings to align the phased Penonomé Wind Project in Panama, the largest wind development in Central America, with the IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles. This supported the mobilization of over $370 million in funding by Equator Banks, the IFC and other Development Finance Institutions (see here).
  • Prizma has developed and delivered training courses focused on IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles,renewable and conventional power generation projects in Chile, Jamaica, and Argentina and delivered these to developers, financial institutions and consultants in Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Norway, Panama, Peru, and the UK (see here).

Independent Environmental & Social Consultants (IE, IMG)

IE Turkey

  • Prizma has completed a series of rapid and acquisition-oriented environmental and social due diligence reviews for a Private Equity Fund (PEF) and developer of renewable and other power generation projects in Argentina, Chile and Jamaica.
  • Prizma supports teams serving as Independent Engineers (IE) and Independent Monitoring Groups (IMG) on mining projects based in Turkey and Burkina Faso, respectively, opining on compliance with the IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles, and Environmental and Social Action Plans (ESAPs) and other commitments (see also here).
  • Prizma was engaged by White & Case LLP, representing Gold Reserve Inc., to serve as an expert on ESIAs, IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles on an international arbitration case. Gold Reserve was awarded over $700 Million by ICSID (see here).

Engagement, Reporting & Assurance


  • Prizma was recently engaged to facilitate a workshop on sustainability reporting for an independent oil exploration and development company with assets in Kenya and Ethiopia. The workshop considered the reporting framework of IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues, and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and ended with a preliminary materiality assessment.
  • Prizma has been assisting junior and mid-tier companies with their sustainability reporting efforts (see here), and facilitated a stakeholder review panel on behalf of the World Bank in support of its corporate responsibility reporting journey (see here). A recent example includes Lucara Diamond, which was the recipient of the PDAC 2016 Environmental and Sustainability Award, with its  sustainability reporting needs.
  • Prizma has been engaged by Lundin Mining Corp., with operating assets in Europe, North America and South America, to undertake an independent assurance of selected KPIs contained in its sustainability reports (GRI-G4) in accordance with AA1000 assurance standard  (see here).